Big data is the processing of examining large data sets that contain a significant date that is known as Big Data. This will help in uncovering hidden patterns, market trends, unknown correlation and also other meaningful business information. These findings can help one in leading more effectively in marketing, new opportunities of revenue and efficiency in operations. It can also assist in giving competitive advantages over neighboring and rival firms among other benefits.

In this piece of writing, we will be learning about these analytical vendors and how they are. We are specifically going to learn about the top 3 Data Analytical platforms:

  1. 101 Data

This is a New York based data analytic platform which launched as a private-cloud service way back in 2000. It started making it customers in Wall Street. Its customers include some of the big banks, and it has also branched in retail, CPG, Gaming, healthcare, government and also the telecommunication industry.

Its columnar database will massively support parallel processing for scalability, but this is a proprietary design with its query language which will favour a subset of SQL functions and also broader types of questions.

This will handle semi-structure data e.g. social network and machine data. Apart from the database, the company also provides complete stacks that include data integration, reporting and also data visualization and as well as advanced functions.

Its private cloud approach will let go customer, and their burdens to manage and scale infrastructure. The centralized management and access control l and also the APIs support integration with the back end system and also the broad access to information about HIPAA-grade security.



This company was formerly known as Lugres Corps, but it changed its name to Action in the year 2011. This company has been giving out a big data portfolio ever since. It all started by giving out by building on a 10000+ customer base, and later it moved to source transactional database, then it expanded to Vectorwise, which is a fast analytical database management system (DBMS) which is presently called Action Vector. In April, it acquired ParAccel which marked a big push into big-data analytics companies with a massive parallel processing database management system.

This company has invested in the combination of fast, analytical database management system options, cloud services and also data integration. Its data flow will include SQL, ETL, and data cleansing among others. With over 140 million in revenue, this is a company that has developed in the big data market.

  1. IBM

IBM is among the top broad data management portfolio in the industry. It contains bury of data integrations, data cleansing and data query software’s option that assists in capturing and cleaning of data. They also have business intelligence and analytical offering i.e. Cognos, SPSS, text and unstructured data mining options, including ISO IBM-developed tools for Hadoops i.e. Sheets and SQL.

IBM is a good company that will offer services in deep integration and consultation expertise in a consultative approach that is aimed at building business differentiation that may bring up multiple products. This is a product that competitors say one should be away of the open commitment and steps and the ongoing consulting fees. The people who use IBM should be expecting an efficient strategic approach that will lead to a significant business result.

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