feature-1To those who love to read, reading, interpreting comparing the constitution and checking major cases and laws being passed? One could be a law expert though it won’t be a passport to take a bar exam since a formal education would still be needed. Read More →

What are the best courses for Pre-Laws?

feature-2Though one of the major requirements to proceed with the College of Law is a minimum of a 4 year course, atleast a Study in Political Science, Psychology, or atleast Business Management is one of the best possible pre laws before proceeding with the Law proper. Read More →

Top 5 Law Schools in U.S

feature-3The consistency in results between the current year and a year ago’s rankings to some degree amazing, given that U.S. News rolled out an improvement to its law school ranking philosophy for 2016.

This year, law schools that had an expansive number of graduates who went ahead to work employments financed by the law school or university ranked lower than if the graduates had been used by law offices or government organizations. Read More →